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Hello Fashionistas

Each one of US have indulged into expensive/ ethnic dresses for festive occasions, but used them only a couple of times.

All these OUTFITS are warming our wardrobes and closets, with guilt and emotional tags attached.

DAMINI gives YOU an OPPORTUNITY to overcome your GUILT, by renting YOUR exclusive wear using DAMINI’s platform



  • Rent for the product will be decided by the MEMBER
  • The product will be in the custody of the MEMBER
  • As and when there is a booking for the product, DAMINI will collect the product from the MEMBER and deliver it to the USER and vice versa

Rental Charges

  • If the product is maintained (dry cleaning/ironing etc) by the MEMBER – Rent sharing will be on 60-40 basis. (60% will be paid to the USER; 40% will be retained by DAMINI)
  • If the product is maintained (dry cleaning/ironing etc) by DAMINI – Rent sharing will be on 40-60 basis. (40% will be paid to the USER; 60% will be retained by DAMINI)

Other Terms & Conditions

  • In the first month, PRODUCT DISPLAY on the website is FREE for the MEMBER.
  • Second month onwards, the MEMBER will need to remit 20% of the RENTAL value, in advance at the beginning of the month to DAMINI. Balance (20 %or 40% -refer RENTAL CHARGES) will be charged, only when the product gets rented. This will follow for all subsequent months until the product is displayed on the website.
  • DAMINI reserves the right to remove the product from the website if the amount is not remitted by the MEMBER in the stipulated time, from the second month onwards
  • Every new PRODUCT displayed on the website can avail the one-month FREE PRODUCT DISPLAY.
  • Any damage to the product while handling BY THE USERS, to be borne by the USER directly and all damages will be recovered from THE SECURITY DEPOSIT.

Discontinuation of a product from damini’s portal

  • Non-maintained products (shabby, torn, crumpled, unclean etc…) thus hampering DAMINI’s brand name
  • Non-remittance of RENTAL CHARGES from second month onwards
  • Bad feedback of the product given by customer